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Welcome to The Ballroom!

Dance is not a competition, it’s a passion

The Ballroom exists to provide adults a safe, supportive, nurturing and loving atmosphere in which to play and learn the art of dance.

The Ballroom teaches nearly every style of dance, and we specialize in Wedding Choreography Routines and Ballroom Dance. John Ross teaches private dance lessons. We have Private Dance Lessons. Call us at (707) 586 -1136 or read about our New Student Special Offer. We look forward to dancing with you!

Our Instructors

Best dancers from around the world

Rev - John Ross

Rev - John Ross

Owner & Director

Professional dancer / teacher / choreographer / competitor John Ross began dancing at the age...

Students’ Testimonials

What our graduates say

John helped us compose a beautiful First Dance for our wedding! Our regular dance class continues to be the perfect opportunity for my wife and I to go out on a date each week. We’ve made new friends and learn something new in each class.

Justin and Melissa E.
February 24, 2009

Our foxtrot done to Frank Sinatra at our wedding was a crowd pleaser. Thank you for making our special day perfect with the routine you taught us!

Jill and Steve
November 22, 2004

After losing my husband it was hard for me to go out without the partner I had since I was 18 years old. John and his staff were so kind and giving of their talent and time! I have spent many fun evenings at the dances. I can’t thank all of you enough.

Micki K.
February 26, 2009

John, you are an extraordinary teacher and person. Thank you for your kindness and consideration – always.

Amy and Steve
July 31, 2013

–  New Students –

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Additional Staff

Every now and then a very special type of person walks through our doors and falls in love with dance — and, after spending many hours a week with us on a regular basis, decides the next step in their evolution as a dancer is to share their love of dance with others. This is where our student assistants come from!

These assistants are students who continue to learn and take classes, just like you, while also generously volunteering their time in beginning level group classes, Drop-In lessons, and weekend dances. They are able to provide emotional support — and an understanding of exactly what you are going through — because they are actively experiencing the same types of things while progressing through upper-level classes.

If you are interested in becoming a member of our Student Assistants Team, please let our Director John Ross or your dance instructor know. They can provide you with additional information and arrange time for you to meet with John to discuss things in more detail.

We have a saying here at The Ballroom: “The Dance Police are NOT going to write you a ticket!”

Who are the Dance Police? They are that mysterious league of people who live only in our minds, critiquing our every move on the dance floor.

Far from the critics that most people fear these non-existent Dance Police to be, our K-9 Unit patrols the dance floor solely to offer support and encouragement. They enjoy everyone’s dancing and often even try to join in the fun.

They can sometimes even be found trotting along the back of class, trying out the new steps being taught. But mostly they are just two sweet, well-behaved miniature poodles spending their days in spoiled luxury.

Any time they are on-site, they are eager to greet students and can be found making the rounds introducing themselves to everyone before classes and lessons. Give any one of them half a chance, and you’ll find yourself with a new best friend – or a cuddly lap warmer offering emotional support while you work up the courage to get out on the dance floor. (Listen closely enough and you might hear them reminding you that the only “wrong” way to dance . . . is not to dance at all.)

Buddy & Bristol

John Ross is now teaching private lessons in Coachella Valley!