There are a lot of reasons that people choose to dance or dance lessons: exercise, relaxation, or just plain happiness. And just about everyone dances, whether they do it in public or not. But did you know that dance classes are a great way to meet new people?

You don’t have to be good at something to love it. And you shouldn’t have to spend a fortune to get better at doing what you love. Check out our new student special: a complimentary 25 minute dance session with John Ross. Experience the fun of dance and the nurturing, bubbly environment of The Ballroom without any commitment. Come see why we are the #1 dance studio for dance lessons.

Rohnert Park Group Dance Lessons

Meet The Friendly Staff At The Ballroom

John Ross, director and head dance instructorRohnert Park Group Dance Lessons at The Ballroom, Rohnert Park’s most inviting dance studio, has perfected a playful and loving environment for adults to learn the art of dance. We at The Ballroom welcome all those who have an enthusiasm for learning and a passion for letting the music move you. We’re the preferred dance studio of those who thought they wouldn’t fit in at a dance studio and those who think ‘I can’t possibly learn to dance.’ We’re also a preferred choice for first time dance lessons because of our wonderfully friendly and encouraging group dance instructors and private instructors, and our commitment to keeping our Rohnert Park dance studio truly open to all.

Dancing isn’t as obscure as you might think! Sure you see dancing in movies and on TV, but you can head to your local dance theater to watch dancers unfold intricate stories. Or stop by your nearest dance studio to see dancers training or to join in on a group dance class of your own! The Ballroom offers drop-in classes periodically that we encourage you to join in on, and that cover a little bit of a lot of the weekly group dance lessons that we offer.

Why Do We Dance?

Rohnert Park Group Dance LessonsThere are thousands of styles of dance practiced around the world that hold echos of the rich cultures from which they originate. Dance has been practiced ceremoniously, as a form of worship, as a sign of wealth and status, for courtship, and just for good fun for centuries. Many of these cases are examples of group dances. Group dancing not only gives you invaluable leading/following experience with multiple partners, it is a great way to meet new people.

Remember that Third Class Dance scene in Titanic, where Jack and Rose dance with the Irish passengers? It was about freedom and happiness, that dance. And it proves the point that there are some things that are just better in a group. At The Ballroom, our weekly dance groups are like family; we love playing and advancing together through everything from beginners line dancing to our advanced Silver Foxtrot lesson. We offer group classes for a variety of dance styles, making dance something that anyone can enjoy at any level. Our group dance instructors will help you to learn basic rhythm as well as build on a series of dance steps in our sociable group dance classes.

Group dance is a fun and open way to express yourself and learn while making real connections with others who share your same interest. Come check out our Nightclub dances like Club Salsa or are popular Country dances like the Texas two-step.

The Ballroom is a building experience for individuals who want to learn to dance and those who want to improve upon their craft. We encourage the growth of friendships and dance skills through our warm and nurturing dance instructors and our lessons that cater to a variety of new and old dance styles. We also offer specialty dance classes for seniors and gay and lesbian couples with an interest in learning a particular dance together as a group. The Ballroom welcomes ALL adults to their studio, where they can play and learn dance in a judgement free, safe environment that is open to all people, regardless of gender, age, or orientation.

Don’t Wait Another Second To Experience The World Of Dance Through Group Lessons With The Ballroom!

Check out our full calendar of events to enroll in one of our featured group dance classes, or to find a drop-in class to get a firsthand example of what The Ballroom is all about.