For Gay & Lesbian Singles & Couples

The Ballroom offers ALL adults a safe, supportive, nurturing, and loving atmosphere in which to play and learn to dance.

We do not discriminate based on sexual orientation — we welcome EVERYONE. Gay and Lesbian singles and couples are welcome in all of our classes and lessons.

When enrolling just let us know if you will be dancing as a Follower (the "traditionally female" dance role), as a Leader (the "traditionally male" dance role), or as a couple (one Follower and one Leader).

If you don't know which role you'd like to dance, that's okay too! We have many students who dance either role as needed based on lead/follow ratios.

Periodically we will also offer classes specifically for our LGBT students who express an interest in learning a particular dance together as a group.

Please check our schedule page for any of these upcoming classes, or call for more information.

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