Wedding Dance Lessons & Choreography

Brides, Grooms, Mothers, Fathers, Bridesmaids and Groomsmen . . . we can help every single one of you!
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For The Happy Couple

Many couples traditionally have a First Dance at their wedding reception. Some couples come to the realization many months before their special day that they would like to look graceful and be comfortable while they dance together. Others don't realize it until two days before The Big Day. In either case, we are here to help – to give you the Gift of Dance – the gift which you will be able to use throughout your entire lives together.

If you have music already chosen, we can help you with those special moves. Haven't decided yet? No worries! Bring the selection of songs you are trying to choose from, and we will help you decide which one would be the best choice for your first dance.

Not even sure where to start? We can help you find the perfect song for your day!

Whether you're interested in a traditional first dance, or something more contemporary . . .
The Ballroom can help you combine group classes and private lessons to create something perfect for your special day.

For the entire Wedding Party

It's never too soon to plan for the reception, and ALL the traditional dances!

Prepare for the big day in the company of your entire Wedding Party!

PLEASE contact us  about scheduling a series of semi-private lessons  to create a "class" specifically tailored to your wedding party's specific needs.

Create Your Own Personalized Memories

Gone are the days of five minutes of rock-and-sway while your wedding guests wait politely for the song to end. Given enough planning, you can put your own distinct flair on the dancing at your wedding and create memories that they'll be talking about for years to come – whether that be learning a beautiful traditional waltz, or doing something a little more contemporary perhaps even unexpected.

While we whole-heartedly encourage at least one "proper" dance, to create for your parents and / or grandparents the expected memories they've been looking forward to for your entire life, the "Surprise Dance" has become popular with younger couples, not only as a second dance for themselves but also as an unexpected treat performed by members of the wedding party.

Whatever your tastes, we're here to help you create perfect memories that you'll celebrate fondly for many anniversaries to come.

Gift Certificates

Dance lessons make a wonderful gift!

From brides and grooms who will likely want or need them before their nuptials, to a daughter who has been pining to learn tango or a shy nephew in need of a safe place to gain some self-confidence and make some new friends — this is the gift that keeps on giving!

The next time you’re stuck on a gift idea for a friend or relative consider the gift of dance. You are giving fun, great exercise, development of coordination, and an opportunity for friendship and life change!

(Sure beats a gift card from Best Buy!!)