The Dance Of The Ages - Learning Ballroom Dance

The Ballroom Experience - Learn Ballroom DanceIf you think about ballroom dancing, you probably either think of some period piece with men in tuxes and ladies in enormous gowns, or you think about competition shows like Dancing With The Stars. Most likely, you’re also in awe, wondering why you can’t move like that. Newsflash: you absolutely can learn to ballroom dance!

Okay, we know, you’re probably pretty skeptical. Before we debunk all of the reasons our students have had for not scheduling one of our free dance lessons, we’d like to formally extend our offer of one free private dance lesson to you! That’s right, we’re giving you the opportunity to prove us wrong at no expense to you. Call (707) 586-1136 to claim one of our limited spots for introductory dance lessons at our Rohnert Park dance studio. Learn about our extensive list of dance style classes, our nurturing and loving environment, and the professional experience that backs each of our friendly instructors.

The Ballroom Experience - Learn Ballroom Dance

From Dance Ingénue To Ballroom Master

At The Ballroom in lovely Rohnert Park, California, we’ve heard just about every reason there is to not take up dancing lessons. There’s a million reasons to say no, but only one reason to say yes: for yourself. Learn to ballroom dance because you want a more restful mind or toner muscles; do it because you love it.

I’m Too Old

The Ballroom Experience - Learn Ballroom DanceYou’re only as old as you think you are. Our ballroom style dance classes aren’t just for the young, they’re for the young at heart. We take on students ages 12 and up, and have a variety of dance styles and dance classes that can be personalized to your specific learning speed and style. We encourage anyone of any age to follow their passions and learn at their own speed.

I’m Not Comfortable Learning From A Stranger

Well luckily for you, John Ross, director of The Ballroom dance studio, likes to treat all of his students like family. He has been rated one of the warmest people you could meet by his staff and students. Even if John is not your personal ballroom dance instructor, our whole team behind The Ballroom name follows his mission of giving all adults a safe, nurturing atmosphere in which to play and learn dance. Not to mention all the friendly people you’re sure to meet during your time with us!

I’m Out Of Shape

Lucky for you, dance is one of the best ways that you can get back into shape! Not only is it fun and therapeutic, it is a great form of exercise that can also help you to learn rhythm and keep pace for a more effective workout. Ballroom dance classes are more fun than a gym and just as effective when it comes to toning muscle, strengthening weight bearing bones, and promoting lung capacity.

I Have No Rhythm

The Ballroom has rhythm by the barrel load, and we’d be happy to share! Almost anyone can learn to keep time, which is the basis of any dance. By taking a single ballroom dance class, you’re giving yourself the tools to continue improving your rhythm and dance skills either on your own, or with additional dance instruction.

I Have No One To Dance With

This is the silliest one yet because you can dance with anyone, even yourself! We at The Ballroom encourage the spread of love and warmth through dance, and love to see our students interacting with each other openly and encouragingly. Whether you are a couple interested in learning to ballroom dance for your wedding, or a single individual who just wants to learn a new skill and have a good time, you’ll find a warm welcome from The Ballroom.

Where Does Ballroom Dance Come From

The Ballroom Experience - Learn Ballroom DanceBallroom dancing encompasses a range of dance styles and originated in England in the 18th and 19th centuries. Known as a form of social dancing, ballroom dancing was performed by the elite, while lower classes created a style of dance known today as folk dancing. Far from being reserved for kings and queens, the ballroom dancing of today combines both styles of the time to include the Waltz, Foxtrot, Quickstep, Tango, Charleston, and more. We offers students both American and International (English) versions of many popular ballroom dances.

Ballroom, Latin, and other social dances are more popular than ever!

And the best part is, you can sign up for ballroom dance lessons even if you don’t have a partner. The Ballroom encourages men and women from all walks of life to experience the joy of dance, and is happy to pair single dancers based on their lead/follow preference, or with one of our interchangeable staff members who can dance either position.

We all want to be understood, to speak our minds clearly and in a way that others understand. But often there are emotions that are too strong to be expressed with words. Dance is a language. Shouldn’t you learn it in a fun and playful way, like experts recommend learning any other language? That’s the idea that we had when we opened our doors to bring Rohnert Park the best dance classes for a variety of traditional and contemporary styles.

Why Are You Still Reading?

As the great Johnny Cash once said, “Time’s a’ wastin.” Call (707) 586-1136 to schedule your first ballroom dance lesson with Rohnert Park’s premier dance studio.