Dance lessons make a wonderful gift!

From brides and grooms who will likely want or need them before their nuptials, to a daughter who has been pining to learn tango or a shy nephew in need of a safe place to gain some self-confidence and make some new friends — this is the gift that keeps on giving!

The next time you’re stuck on a gift idea for a friend or relative consider the gift of dance. You are giving fun, great exercise, development of coordination, and an opportunity for friendship and life change!

(Sure beats a gift card from Best Buy!!)

Note: Gift certificate purchases done online via this page are at credit card/full pricing. If you wish to avail yourself of our cash/check discounts and purchase in-person or by mail, please visit this page

Private Lessons

Private lessons are offered in 50-minute and 25-minute formats. Prices are for 1 or 2 people.

Cash/check Visa/MC purchase Purchase
50-minute Full Lesson: $80 $85

$85.00Add to cart

10 Lesson Package: $755 $799

$755.00Add to cart

Semi-Private Lessons

Cost Purchase
3 students: $120

$120.00Add to cart

4 students: $120

$120.00Add to cart

5 students: $120

$120.00Add to cart

6 students: $120

$120.00Add to cart

7 students: $132

$132.00Add to cart

8 students: $144

$144.00Add to cart