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If you’ve ever thought about learning to private dance lessons, there are probably a whole list of reasons that you aren’t doing it. Maybe you think that there just aren’t any benefits to dancing, or maybe you are shy and don’t know how to put yourself out there and give it a go. At The Ballroom in Rohnert Park, we cater to those who thought they never could or never would learn how to dance. There are so many awesome benefits to being a dancer, it’s crazy that anyone would choose not to dance! So how hard is it really to learn to dance?

Private Dance Lessons, Rohnert Park

Some of the best things you’ll ever do in life start with a leap of faith. At The Ballroom, we encourage all of our students to branch out and try new things; which is why we are offering a limited time New Student Special for anyone and everyone who always wanted to dance but never felt that they could. With this special offer, you, too, can come experience The Ballroom, without any commitments! Not sure if dance is for you? Grab a free 25 minute private lesson with one of our premier private dance instructors, including our founder John Ross. Anyone who knows the warm environment at The Ballroom knows that our complimentary dance lessons fill up fast, so be sure to reserve your spot today!

Could I Really Learn To Dance

Private Dance Lessons, Rohnert ParkAnyone, and we mean ANYONE, can learn to dance. At The Ballroom, we offer students the ability to learn their preferred dance style through either our open group dance classes, or through our private dance instruction. No matter who you are or how you prefer to learn, we are welcoming to individuals, couples, and groups from all walks of life. The Ballroom is a nurturing dance experience, open to gay, lesbian, and heterosexual individuals and couples.

All we care about at The Ballroom is creating a nurturing and loving atmosphere for all of our adults so that they can feel comfortable and enjoy the process of learning to dance.

Anyone who thinks that they can’t learn to dance simply hasn’t met the right dance instructor or found the right style of dance that speaks to them.

Dance is not a competition. Sure, you see TV shows like So You Think You Can Dance and Dancing With The Stars that pit dance teams, couples, and individuals against each other in dance competitions. And yes, many of these participants have years of classical training and they practice for hours a day to improve their craft. But that doesn’t mean that all dancers are competitors! You can learn to dance for the exercise, for the therapeutic benefits, or just so that you can dance at your cousin’s wedding.

What Are The Advantages of Private Dance Lessons

Private Dance Lessons, Rohnert ParkYou might feel awkward in a group of strangers, you might want to take dance instruction beyond what a normal group dance lesson can teach you, or you might want a private place to take dance lessons with your special someone for your upcoming nuptials.

If you meet any of these, then private dance lessons at The Ballroom are perfect for you! Sessions can be scheduled for couples or for individuals, and give you the choice of 25 minute or 50 minute sessions with one of our private dance instructors at our Rohnert Park dance studio. Not sure if private dance instruction is for you? Here are some of the reasons that our current students are taking private lessons.

Boost Confidence

It can be hard to take that first step into the world of dance, particularly if you are shy or feel awkward learning something new. Private dance classes will allow you to boost your confidence through encouraging instruction and practice, giving you the faith you might need in yourself to take group dance lessons or branch out in style.

Get Better Faster (or Slower)

Not everyone learns at the same pace. Maybe you’ve realized 3 days before a wedding that you have two left feet; maybe you don’t think that you are keeping up with your group class as well as everyone else. Private dance lessons can let you learn at your own pace, whatever that might be.

Personal Instruction

Group lessons are a great way to have fun and meet new people, but what if you are a little more serious about your dance instruction? At The Ballroom, our private dance instructors, including director John Ross, have years of dance and instruction experience to pass on. Through our private dance lessons, you will have the ability to go one on one with your private dance coach to ask questions and get additional help and instruction as you progress.

The Ballroom Nails Private Dance Instruction

Private Dance Lessons, Rohnert ParkWhat if you want the additional skill and attention from a dance instructor that comes with private dance lessons, but the fun of working in a group setting? We believe that you should have the chance to experience dance anyway you want! That’s why we not only offer group dance classes and private dance classes, we offer semi-private dance lessons, too. This is our ‘create your own class’ option in which you can learn to dance with friends and family or even other classmates in a private setting that still gives you a more personal level of private dance instruction thanks to our 3-6 person groupings. Semi-private dance lessons are also the go-to for wedding parties who want to add a little something extra to the festivities of a wedding.

The Only Wrong Way To Dance Is To Not Dance At All

Call (707) 586-1136 to find out why The Ballroom is Rohnert Park’s #1 private dance class studio, or book one of our free 25 minute sessions online now!