Workshops: Just-the-Basics & More!

Workshops provide an opportunity to get specialized material in a single 90-minute or 4-hour format. They frequently cover such topics as leading & following tips, dance-specific styling & technique, and pattern variations – in addition to offering "crash courses" for dances not generally offered in our weekly format. Topics vary by month.

90-Minute Workshops

Upcoming Offerings
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Past Offerings
Our 90-minute workshops are cycled based on student interest. Here are some of our past offerings to whet your dance appetite. If you find something that interests you, that you would like to see offered again, just let us know!

Title Last Offered
Silver-Level American Foxtrot Review Workshop January 28, 2015
Silver-Level American Waltz Workshop March 1, 2014
Nightclub Sampler Workshop February 15, 2014
International Ballroom ~ Technique & Patterns February 15, 2014
Swango January 11, 2014
More Jumps, Slides & Tricks August 10, 2013
She Leads, He Follows August 10, 2013
Samba Made Simple July 13, 2013
Picture Perfect Partnering July 13, 2013
Swing & Sway, Rise & Fall June 15, 2013
Simple Arm Styling June 15, 2013
Body Isolations for Partner Dancing May 18, 2013
Jumps, Slides & Tricks May 18, 2013

4-Hour Workshops

Our "Just-the-Basics" workshops are $65 per person, and are typically held on Saturdays from 10am to 3pm with a break for lunch at noon.

Next Offering: To be Announced

Wedding Dance Workshop

Attending a wedding this year? Preparing for a First Dance as bride and groom? Worried about the traditional father / daughter (or mother / son) dance? This workshop is the place for you! Learn the fundamentals of partner dancing, including leading and following, dance floor etiquette, how to gracefully get on and off the dance floor, and how to plan for the unexpected. You will learn the basic steps of waltz, foxtrot, and classic slow dance then have an opportunity to practice them with highly-skilled instructors.

Just-the-Basics ~ Leading & Following Made Simple

Next Offering: To be Announced

Learn the magic ingredient found in all partner dances! The unspoken language of Leading and Following allows two people to move together in perfect harmony. In the first half of this one-day workshop you will learn the fundamentals of how movement is communicated by a leader and received by a follower, including forward, backward and side movements, plus turns, rhythm changes and more. Then, in the afternoon, apply these new skills while you learn some basic steps in Waltz, Swing and Salsa.

Beginners are welcome and encouraged. No partner necessary.