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Student Testimonials & Letters of Appreciation

Below you will find a sampling of the many messages we’ve received from appreciative students and dancers who have been a part of The Ballroom over the years. If you would like to submit one of your own, visit our Contact Page

From Couples

The Ballroom

Rated out of 27 reviews.

Such a professional program

The instructors at The Ballroom are amazing dancers who are able to share their expertise and love of dancing and we get to reap the benefits.

John is a fabulous instructor, and we look forward to every lesson we have with with him, and always leave feeling so fortunate we found him.

Jennifer does a wonderful job of getting us out on the floor and moving. Her ability to break moves apart and work with us on the isolated moves is terrific. Jennifer never lets us forget that dancing is fun. Even when we end up way over our heads.

Dennis explains things so well that we can actually translate his instructions into movement.
Jenifer’s knowledge is amazing and her love of dance is always obvious. She is extremely precise and able to describe exactly what she wants us to do. They make a wonderful team and we are simply amazed that we can get on the floor and dance.

The student assistants at The Ballroom are supportive, professional, knowledgeable and friendly. It is like you looked at all the of students … and selected the nicest, most courteous, most gracious people there. Being able to dance with any of them is incredibly useful and helps build our confidence. When we dance with an assistant, we always leave the dance floor thinking, “Hot damn! I was dancing!”

Thank you so much for creating such a professional program. We love it!

Kat & Mike Dance Couple - March 5, 2008

We feel like we have a second home there

This year has had its ups and downs, but dancing kept us focused on something positive. We feel lucky to have found someone as special as you to teach us not only to dance, but to experience joy. The community that you have created at the Ballroom is so special we feel like we have a second home there.

Thank you for all you have done for us and for providing such a great sanctuary away from the hectic lives we lead most every day.

Chris & Heather Dance Couple - December 20, 2005

Words cannot convey!

Words cannot convey the appreciation and thanks for all you have done for us while learning to dance at your Ballroom. The joy you create and instill, and your inviting warm support creates such liberation from daily burdens. Thank you for being a part of our nurturing village. You have no idea the happy influence you have shared with our family.

Anonymous Dance Couple - December 26, 2012

talented, professional

We just wanted to thank you and your wonderful staff of instructors and assistants. They are talented, professional, and never fail to make The Ballroom a relaxed, fun place to spend time.

We look forward to taking more classes in the coming year.

Diana and Larry R. Dance Couple - December, 2012

extraordinary teacher and person

John, you are an extraordinary teacher and person. Thank you for your kindness and consideration – always.

Amy & Steve Dance Couple - July 31, 2013

He is simply The Best Dance Teacher in the area!

When the Ballroom first opened we were fairly new to the local dance scene, and had been hearing many good things about John from other dancers. The opening of his new dance studio in Rohnert Park was the perfect opportunity to give him a try. We were immediately impressed and have been with him ever since. That was more than 15 years ago!

This year, we have become even more impressed with him than ever before.

He is simply The Best Dance Teacher in the area!

Jean (& husband) Dance Couple - September 1, 2013

John is a fantastic teacher

We’d been wanting to take Salsa lessons for years, and were fortunate enough to discover The Ballroom! John is a fantastic teacher – he is patient, clear, and extremely skilled, and most importantly, holds true to the spirit of dance. His teaching style is very accessible, and his enthusiasm is contagious!

One step leads to another . . . group Salsa lessons turned into private Rumba lessons with Dennis and Jenifer! We wanted a special dance for our wedding, and John, Den, and Jen all helped us to create something sensual, classy, with just enough flair. We nailed it!

Thanks Ballroom!

Steven E & Victoria B Dance Couple - September 5, 2013

From Brides & Grooms

The Ballroom

Rated out of 27 reviews.

Our foxtrot done to Frank Sinatra at our wedding was a crowd pleaser. Thank you for making our special day perfect with the routine you taught us!

Jill & Steve Bride & Groom - November 22, 2004

You have shared with us a memorable time in our lives, and you will be with us throughout our Wedding Day and after, as we share the beauty of dance.

Michael & Lisa Bride & Groom - 2001

You have made a positive and special contribution to a very important event in our lives.

Erwin & Kathy Bride & Groom - July 24, 1998

Thank you for teaching us the basics of ballroom dance. Our first wedding dance was perfect!

Carissa & Jarrod Bride & Groom

You made our special day SO memorable. Our wedding waltz was something we’ll NEVER forget!

Jay & Gretta Bride & Groom

John helped us compose a beautiful First Dance for our wedding! Our regular dance class continues to be the perfect opportunity for my wife and I to go out on a date each week. We’ve made new friends and learn something new in each class.

Justin and Melissa E. Bride & Groom - February 24, 2009

Thank you for making dance lessons so much fun! We loved it!

Mike & Jeannie Bride & Groom

The routine you came up with was brilliant

We would like to thank you a million times over for your help getting us ready for our big day. When the time came to plan our wedding, we both agreed we should make it special. The routine you came up with was brilliant, and with the private lessons you were able to work with us and polish it up nicely. With all the stresses that come with a big wedding, we weren’t able to practice as much as we hoped, but even so, we pulled it off. The “surprise” second bride and groom dance was an absolute hit, and everyone loved it. We knocked it out of the park; it was a major highlight of the night and we couldn’t have done it without you.

So thank you John, for sharing and teaching your art. Your passion for dance is evident in your lessons, and it is inspiring.

Nick and Stephanie A. Bride & Groom - May 4, 2013

We came to the right place.

Deciding that we needed dance lessons to learn leading & following for our upcoming wedding, we booked several private lessons with John. We found him to be such a delight to work with! His wonderful ability to teach in a supportive manner made us feel relaxed enough to learn – and enjoy it at the same time.

Hoping to master a routine for our first dance, we came to the right place. John was masterful in putting it together and guiding us through each step. Thanks to his help, we know we will have so much fun at our wedding, instead of dreading that First Dance with everyone watching.

Thanks John! We’ll be back soon for Salsa lessons!

Megan G (& Fiance) Bride & Groom - September 5, 2013

From Men

The Ballroom

Rated out of 27 reviews.

When talking with you, I feel like I am talking with the pilot in command of a 747. Being in your presence is inspirational. A true professional.

Merle R. Male Dance Student - February, 2013

Your fantastic class has only gotten better with age! Second time around, and if I can, a third time. Your enthusiasm is stellar John!

Kyle A. (SSU Student) Male Dance Student - May 2012

Your sense of humor and joy about what you teach is infectious.

Most dance teachers that I have interacted with don’t really encourage beginners in the world of dancing.

I have been walking taller this week as a result of the inspirational things you said to us during last week’s class. Your comments about posture, poise and class lifting us up – emotionally too! For some of us learning the etiquette that is a part of dance, touching and in some way connecting, if only briefly, with one’s partner – is a part of the lesson.

Your sense of humor and joy about what you teach is infectious. I appreciate the person that you are, and how you teach, and I look forward to taking more classes with you. And of course to tell others about my experience.

Carl V Male Dance Student - February 28, 2002

Many thanks for being such a great coach

During the time that you taught me, not only did I make progress in ballroom dancing, I also learned other wonderful lessons from you. No one could ever doubt your talent and skills to teach. More so, in my experience, the sincerity with which you taught me, and your diligence, put you in a class by yourself. You are indeed a credit to your profession.

Many thanks for being such a great coach, your wonderful demeanor, your patience with me, and most of all for treating me as well as you did. The time I spent training under your guidance shall be remembered as one of the most pleasant learning experiences of my life.

With much respect from the bottom of my heart,

Kianoosh Male Dance Student - October 20, 1998

Dance class keeps me sane every week. I don’t know what I would do without it, and you.

Jonathan (SSU Student) Male Dance Student - May 2012

From Women

The Ballroom

Rated out of 27 reviews.

The workshop was magic; good medicine for us. What a gift you share! I am so happy to have the opportunity to waltz with my husband.

Janet P. Female Dance Student

I loved your class so much! I never want to stop dancing.

Meredith (SSU Student) Female Dance Student - May 2012

There is more joy in my life

Dancing connects me to my heart center – there is more joy in my life since attending group classes, private lessons and weekend dances at the Ballroom!

Julia E. Female Dance Student - March 5, 2009

I can’t thank all of you enough.

After losing my husband it was hard for me to go out without the partner I had since I was 18 years old. John and his staff were so kind and giving of their talent and time! I have spent many fun evenings at the dances. I can’t thank all of you enough.

Micki K. Female Dance Student - February 26, 2009

The best thing that has happened to me in a long time

I wanted to say thank you for teaching me to dance in the last year. It is the best thing that has happened to me in a long time. Like all teachers, you often don’t know the impact you have on a student’s life. All those metaphors about staying connected, finding one’s balance . . . they all apply. Thank you for your patience, for sharing your talent, and making me realize that I don’t need a partner to dance.

Cecile K. Female Dance Student - January 2, 2006

I haven’t had that much fun dancing since I was a third this age!

Thank you for making my 60th Birthday such fun!

Judy Female Dance Student

John Ross is now teaching private lessons in Coachella Valley!